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We are a micro ISV company building Mobile Business solutions software

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Mobile Software Workshop

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Improve your app development skill with guidance from a professional app developer. On-demand sessions are available at $150/hr. We help students assess any gaps in their current skill level and provide advice and assistance on the necessary skills to improve. Individual performance is based on participant input.

Typical Workshop Participants

  • New or prospective developers looking to gain project experience
  • Existing developers new to iOS and Android
  • Current iOS and Android developers (looking to learn cross-platform skills)

Workshop Topics

Based on two (2) sessions per week lasting a total of (8) session hours per month.
  • Project Overview, Design, iOS/Android Platform Setup
  • App Architecture, SDK Requirements, Process Breakdown
  • Tools Review (Xcode, Android Studio, Eclipse, etc.)
  • Debugging Magic, Algorithms, Code Patterns
  • Project Reviews, Q&A, Planning Sessions
  • Testing, Packaging, Readiness Checks
  • Project Status Review
  • Known bugs, Fixes, Publishing

Basic Service

Our customers use our development services to produce working prototypes of mobile applications. Clients save up to 90% on mobile app development by working with our team to create fully functional products in four to eight weeks. While prototypes do not contain all of the bells and whistles of a finished product, the basic functionality allows clients to determine whether the idea is worth pursuing (at a very low cost relative to a full production effort). A customer may then decide what works and what doesn’t at a very low price point before further investment (more...).

Integrated Reporting Solutions

Customers use our team to deliver business reports to all mobile platforms via compatible technologies from Oracle, Microsoft, and others. Customers gain value by securely transforming custom enterprise dashboards. (more...).

Mobile Advertising

Reach millions of new customers using mobile devices. We provide technical services to streamline placement of your advertisement into iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. Prices start for as little as $500. Contact us to get started! (more...).

Secure Business Mobility

Customers gain value by securely transforming proprietary business activities into a custom mobile solution. Principals and staff gain from performant custom solutions built on devices they use. (more...).


Mobile Integration Global Technology Management Solutions LLC (MING Technology) is a quality source of mobile app development, custom middle-tier enterprise solutions, and systems integration. We provide our clients with a full suite of technology services including mobile app design and development, server-side components, systems integration, app management, secure server-based reporting, maintenance, installation and support services. Our experience and expertise is derived from many years of implementing custom application solutions for midsize and large corporate, financial, and law firms throughout the US.

Creative Solutions

MING Technology provides design, development, and integration consulting services that enable businesses to leverage the power of mobility within their information systems environment. We combine our understanding of business and technical systems to provide a high level of guidance to help customers produce efficient apps and excellent customer experiences.

Core Competencies

Our expertise centers on developing flexible, integrated, management solutions for extending business operations to mobile devices. Typical roles filled include project management, concept origination and design, mobile programming, middleware, report development, and product/systems maintenance. With more than 3 billion mobile users, we focus a significant amount of expertise in building global solutions with locale sensitivity (our solutions are multi-lingual and culturally sensitive).

Consumer Mobile Apps / Books developed by MING Technology MS LLC
Big City Hits (A NYC current events app) (VIEW IN APP STORE)NiHao! (Chinese Grammar Puzzle) (VIEW IN APP STORE)
Data driven events application Chinese grammar puzzle

Your Bright Idea - Our Expertise

Our goals are to support globally competitive clients. Using a collaborative development approach, your bright idea is realized within a matter of weeks. Our creative and practical solutions support integration with your existing systems. We assist business customers with expertise in conceptualization, design, development, integration, and maintenance of mobile apps that share information with authorized users tied to secure back office information systems.